~   Arabic Proverb  (via bl-ossomed)
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Top Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip
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"I’m an architect, and I’ve designed buildings all over the world. Every time I get a commission in an emerging market, I get excited about the opportunity to draw from the country’s heritage, culture, and art. But the client never wants it. They all want the same thing: ‘modern style, modern style, modern style.’ Everything has to be high and glassy. It’s almost as if everyone wants to hide their differences. It’s boring."
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That’s right. We’re giving away ANOTHER pair of 3-day passes to Lollapalooza. 

Arctic Monkeys, Lorde, bros in tank tops—this is something you do not want to miss. 

Now win those passes. 

Photo by Frank Sennett

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Green Harmony by AmericanMuscle.de on Flickr.
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Akos MajorSpiaggia, 2013.
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